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How to beam photos using the iPhoto app | Apple |

beaming iphoto Why spend extra dough for specialty or advanced utilities, when what you may really need is right there in front of you. Its this way with photo editing apps. I have been teaching courses in both Adobe Photoshop and iPhoto for several years. As for the powerhouse app, Photoshop, I see many eager students quickly become dispirited due to its many complex aspects. In fact, most students I see taking these courses are mostly interested in quick-and-dirty ways to edit and fix their digital photos. For these, iPhoto is the ideal editing tool.
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Apple Seeks Trademarks for new iPhoto and iMovie Icons – Patently Apple

2. USPTO TM Application Apple, New iPhoto Icon 9, 2012 1:29 pm One of the new features in iPhoto for iOS is its ability to beam photos. This is just what it sounds like: a way to transfer images from one iOS device to another, without any sort of intermediary (like iTunes on a computer). Its a pretty cool feature and the sort of value-add that people expect if they are going to purchase multiple devices from the same manufacturer and use multiple devices on the same operating system. So, how to you beam photos using iPhoto for iOS? First off, youll need to purchase and install the iPhoto app . To do this youll need to update your phone or tablet to iOS 5.1, which can now be done wirelessly iphoto is free if you dont mind it taking a few extra minutes. Once thats done hop into iPhoto. With iPhoto open go to the gear into the dead рекорд icon on the top right (Settings) and youll see that Wireless Beaming is enabled by default.
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iPhoto For iPad Is Better Than iPhoto For Mac | Cult of Mac

iPhoto For iPad Is Better Than iPhoto For Mac Brushes in iPhoto let you brush in various corrections with your finger. Saturation, red-eye correction, sharpening and so on can all be applied directly, and if you turn on edge detection you will never color over the lines. More There are plenty of other features. You can beam images install instagram for computer direct to other iOS devices, for example, or make what Apple calls Photo Journals, the pixel-based equivalent of paper books. You can hide images that are lame but you dont want to delete, and you can tap a photo with two fingers and iPhoto will show you similar images from your library. And this is just the beginning. I shall be taking iPhoto for a spin and into the dead perks seeing just what it can do.
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Hands-On with iPhoto for iPad: Smart Browsing, Beaming, Effects, More

iPhoto was divided into two panels, with the smaller one containing photo thumbnails and the larger one spreading out a full-sized view of our currently selected image. Multi-Touch Editing on iPhoto for iPad The multi-touch editing system for iPhoto relies mostly on a keen aesthetician’s eye to determine when a picture is done, since there are no measurable sliders for effects within the app. Borrowing a page from the much-lauded Snapseed app, iPhoto’s scheme is to use your fingertip to touch and drag on the specific parts of the image that you want to change. By default, the middle of the bottom menu contains icons for Auto-Enhance, rotating 90 degrees, flagging, choosing the current photo as a favorite and downloading iphoto an X for hiding it. Arrows on the bottom right side of the menu let you scroll through the photos in your library one by one, moving forward or backward. Icons for five main effects sit on the lower left corner of iPhoto’s interface, for functions including cropping and straightening, exposure, color, brushes and special effects. Drilling into any one of these main effects triggers a new set of pertinent controls to appear toward the middle portion of the bar, which you manipulate using the same gestures of touching and dragging. Here’s one example of the Snapseed-like controls: Within the Exposure function (the second icon on the bottom left main menu), you can swipe up and down across the display to increase or decrease brightness, left and right for contrast. Or if you need slightly more precision, you can also choose to tweak the look via a bar across the bottom of the app, which contains several points that represent brightness and contrast.
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Mac Observer Apple’s new iOS 7 icons reflect the new flat design that was launched in concert with the iPhone 5S in 2013. The three filings were originally filed last week according to USPTO’s documentation with all of them filed under International Class 009. Apple’s TM Application In-Part for OS X “iPhoto Icon” According to the US Patent and Trademark Office’s documentation, Apple’s new trademark filing for iPhoto icon for OS X was filed under serial number 86226275. The trademark was filed under International Class 009 which specifically covers “Computer software used for image editing, image processing, image acquisition, image file management, image viewing, image sharing, the creation of documents incorporating images, and the wireless transmission of images.” Apple Files for new iPhoto Icon Trademark for iOS 7 Apple’s trademark for their iOS 7 iPhoto icon was filed under serial number 86226320 using the same International Class 009 as noted earlier. Apple Files for new iMovie Icon Trademark for iOS 7 Apple has filed for a trademark covering their new iMovie icon for iOS 7. Apple filed it under International Class 009 which specifically covers “Computer software for use in video editing; computer software for creating, authoring, editing, displaying, and storing data, graphics, images, audio, video and other multimedia content; computer software for use in recording, organizing, transmitting, manipulating, editing and reviewing text, data, audio files and video files.” The US Patent and Trademark Office filed it under serial number 86226364.
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